About AussieCubed

Howdy! My name is Paige, I'm a student at Texas A&M University Class of 20" and dog mom of 2 crazy Aussies. I started making bandanas for my dogs for the simple fact that I love for them to have a large wardrobe, but I had a small college budget. I opened this shop in order to share these bandanas with other pet owners to expand their pets wardrobe as well! I wanted them to be cute, fun, simple, and completely customizable.
This shop as well as my life passion is powered by dogs. I’ve had 3 Australian Shepherds in my life, Echo and Edge that I have currently, and my beloved Ember that has passed away. I compete in dog sports such as agility and dock diving, and actively hike with my boys as well. AussieCubed is 100% inspired by the 3 E-named Aussies I love with all my heart, and I hope with these bandanas that you’ll take a piece of my little family with yours!
Thank you so much for visiting our shop!

Shop Annoucements!

  • Current Processing Time is 1-2 weeks.

  • Some prints not available in XS due to large print size.

  • All add-ons must be purchased separately unless otherwise stated.

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